St Peter’s Sixth Form Discuss Big Questions

St Peter's School

St Peter’s Sixth Form Discuss Big Questions

Philosophy Conference

St Peter’s School welcomed Sixth Form pupils from across York to listen to philosopher Dr Peter Vardy at the Sixth Form Philosophy Conference.

The conference engaged with the Sixth Formers over some thought provoking questions, discussing whether God is omniscient, what we mean when we say ‘God’ and whether God even exists at all?

In addition to discussing these large philosophical and theological issues, the conference gave the Sixth Formers a chance to hone their skills for academic study. As part of studying at A-Level pupils have to develop persuasive arguments. Today’s event gave the pupils the chance to practise these important disciplines through practical discussions and real-world examples.

Christien Bembridge, Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy at St Peter’s, said: “The conference enabled pupils to not only consolidate some of their learning in the classroom, but focus on how to write well-reasoned arguments that lead to valid conclusions. A skill that is not only vital for their examination in Theology and Philosophy, but advantageous in all walks of life. The day proved to be a good opportunity for students to ask and raise their own philosophical questions with one of the leading philosophers in this field, Dr Peter Vardy.”