Musicians Welcome the Festive Season

St Peter's School

Musicians Welcome the Festive Season

Christmas Concert School Choir

The Christmas Concert was a joy to direct this year with plenty of seasonal cheer on offer and contributions from a wide range of instrumental ensembles, including our Wind Band, Clarinet Choir, Flute Group, Little Big Band and Swing Band.

As is our custom, the singers were also fully involved with a polished set from the Girls’ Barbershop and a witty, fun set from the Boys’ Barbershop.

Our Chamber Choir continued their tradition of tackling complicated, unaccompanied arrangements in multiple parts, and this was really impressive.

The concert finished with our School Choir of 164 singers performing a medley of Abba songs, which were sung with great joy and enthusiasm.

Many thanks to Paul Miles-Kingston, Director of Music, for his report.