St Peter’s Students Wake Up North Yorkshire with Brexit Commentary

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St Peter’s Students Wake Up North Yorkshire with Brexit Commentary

BBC Radio York - Brexit

Two members of the Upper Sixth woke up extra early this morning to appear on Georgey Spanswick’s BBC Radio York Breakfast Show with St Peter’s Head of Politics, Ben Fuller. Pierre & Anna are both studying A-level Politics, whilst looking to their future at university – perhaps in Europe.

Pierre and Anna gave an informed, young person’s perspective on Brexit to Georgey’s audience across North Yorkshire, as the country faces a crucial week with Theresa May’s deal expected to be defeated when it is voted on in the House of Commons and continued questions about her survival as PM.

Pierre commented that he would have voted remain in the 2016 Referendum but believes that there’s a strong case for leave – and that something had to be done to help those communities which felt disenfranchised. Anna said she was concerned for her plans to study, teach and volunteer in Europe but also cautioned against the complexities of trying to organize a second referendum.

Our Head of Politics is a regular guest on the show trying to explain the twists and turns of UK and US politics – just as he does in the classroom. He said: “It was great fun to appear on Georgey’s show alongside Pierre and Anna – who both had intelligent things to say – and important that the voice of the next generation is heard.”