Practice Exhibition for Pupils

St Peter's School

Practice Exhibition for Pupils

DofE Bronze Practice

74 pupils have completed a practice expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Setting off from school, all of the groups headed south along the River Ouse before taking a number of different routes around the south of York.

The groups arrived at Wheldrake where they set up camp for the night. They all put up their own tents and cooked their evening meals before a night under the stars.

After cooking breakfast the next day the groups packed up their camps and set off on another full day's walk back to the city. All of the pupils made their way around to the north side of York to before arriving back at St Peter's.

This practice expedition prepares our pupils for their Bronze Qualifying Expedition that takes place just before the half-term break.

At St Peter's we offer our pupils a range of co-curricular activities for them to choose from. These could be sports, clubs and societies, work experience or volunteering as well as many others. We recognise the value of these activities as an intrinsic part of our pupils' development.