St Peter's School

Cambodia 2019

Cambodia (1)

Over the Easter break, pupils from our Lower Sixth Form head out to Cambodia for an adventure of a lifetime.

The group went out to Cambodia to work alongside the Better Lives charity, who help disadvantaged families and children improve their lives.

“When I saw the trip being advertised, I immediately knew I wanted to go.”

Once the group arrived, they spent three days trekking through the jungle learning important lessons in leadership, teamwork and survival.

“We slept in hammocks in the middle of the jungle. We saw all sorts of wildlife!”

Cambodia (2)Upon leaving the jungle the group made their way to the Cambodian province of Battambang. Here they met up with representatives from Better Lives who introduced them to the families they would be assisting and what work they will be doing to help these communities.

The pupils were to help the community by constructing farming infrastructure that would greatly improve their livelihood.

Cambodia (3)The team split into groups to create vegetable gardens, which would help feed the families there for years to come. These gardens will reduce the need for the families to purchase food and also create a source of income through selling the surplus vegetables. As well as creating the gardens, the pupils also made compost for the families to use.

“We were helping communities in Battambang for three days and we can see that the work we did was so important for these families. I feel like we could have done more. The trip really opened my eyes and it’s made me want to help people more.”

Now returned to the comfort of school life, the team shared their wisdom on their experience, saying: “It was a hugely rewarding experience that I’m sure none of us will ever forget.”