Boarders Journey to Malory Towers

St Peter's School

Boarders Journey to Malory Towers

Malory Towers

St Peter’s senior girl boarders glimpsed a snapshot of the past last night, when the famed fictional girls’ boarding school, Malory Towers, was brought to the stage.

Based on the series of Enid Blyton novels of the same name, Wise Children’s production of Malory Towers follows a group of young girls in their first term at a girls’ boarding school. Filled with mischief and adventure with a lot of laughs along the way, the musical took the audience on a journey of friendship and high jinks.

The girls, when asked to describe the production in one word, summed up Malory Towers as: exciting, energetic, funny, hilarious, talented, communal, witty, intriguing, mischievous and relatable. The girls certainly found the musical related to the modern-day, specifically the sense of community in the boarding houses, with relationships feeling those in a family rather than ‘mere’ friendship, as well as the need to act with integrity and use the feedback from fellow boarders to help one reflect and change as well as to recognise one’s own unique talent.

It must be pointed out, however, that boarders crawling out of windows to go on midnight adventures along the Cornish coast is something that does not quite compare to a modern-day boarding experience!

Dorothy Gillies, House Parent at The Rise, said: “All of the girls thoroughly enjoyed seeing this superb production last night. I can probably see some of them flicking through a copy of Malory Towers over the next week.”

Jon Whitehouse, House Parent at Dronfield, said: “The girls have had a magnificent time and the opportunity to meet the cast and step into the world of Malory Towers on a backstage visit was the icing on the proverbial cake. I suspect they will be reflecting on the themes and jokes of the production in their conversations for some time.”

Boys and girls studying English and Drama at St Peter’s also attended the trip, whilst boarders have not long to wait for their next outing...paintballing is planned for this Sunday!