Jumping for Joy

St Peter's School

Jumping for Joy


A St Peter’s pupil is jumping for joy after coming second in the English Double Mini-Trampolining (DMT) Championships earlier this month.

Sophie, a Fourth Former at St Peter’s, competed in the 13-14 year old age category, coming away with silver in a fiercely competitive field.

For those unfamiliar with this impressively athletic sport, often described as a combination of athletics, trampolining and gymnastics, DMT involves two pieces of trampoline apparatus: the first set on an angle. Competitors will perform skills, such as double or even triple somersaults on each apparatus. Such feats, impressive when performed on a full-size trampoline, take great precision and control to execute in DMT, since the trampoline bed is much smaller.

It’s a thrilling sport to watch and Sophie’s family were with her at the Championships, cheering her on. They will also be there to watch her compete in the British DMT Championship at Birmingham Arena this weekend. All at the School, and especially Sophie’s friends in The Grove, will be following her efforts closely.

Sophie says, “I do it because it’s fun to learn new skills. It does take a lot of commitment: I train for 15 hours a week on top of School, but it’s worth it. I think my friends think it is pretty cool when I show them my videos. It’s not a skill a lot of people have. Mr Lawrence, my House Master, and the whole of the Sports department have really encouraged me and I know they are so happy for me.”

Sophie, who started gymnastics at the age of 11, and is a keen and valued Netballer at St Peter’s, has perhaps only a few years of DMT left to enjoy, since she wisely believes that once she reaches Sixth Form, she may choose to wind down her practice to concentrate on academic studies.

Enjoy every moment, Sophie!

You can watch a video of Sophie in action (DMT is much easier to watch than to explain!) here.