Road Safety with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

St Peter's School

Road Safety with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue


North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (NYFRS) introduced our Upper Sixth Form today to the often shocking reality of road safety.

With many of our Upper Sixth Form learning to drive, NYFRS were invited to introduce our pupils to the risks and consequences of dangerous driving.

NYFRS started their visit by asking our pupils what they believed were the main causes of accidents that take place on the UK’s roads. Being distracted by mobile phones, driving under the influence of alcohol and misjudgements when driving, were some of the answers pupils gave, with another cause of vehicle defects, being highlighted by NYFRS.

Following their brief talk, the pupils went outside where they were confronted by a staged road traffic scene. A driver and passenger were trapped inside their car, where the Fire and Rescue Service had just arrived at the scene. Pupils then got to see first-hand how rescue services remove trapped persons from vehicles, in this case with the roof of the car being removed.

NYFRS (5)Andrew White from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “By showing these young pupils the risks of dangerous driving and the sometimes fatal consequences that dangerous driving can cause, we hope to keep these new drivers safe on the roads for years to come.”

Dr Alastair Dunn, Deputy Headmaster at St Peter’s School, said: “Thank you so much to Andy and team from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service with the collaboration of North Yorkshire Police for an outstanding presentation to our Upper Sixth Form on driver safety. This was unforgettable and we are grateful for the professionalism, skill and generosity of all involved.”