Man Booker Prize Debate 2019

St Peter's School

Man Booker Prize Debate 2019

Booker 2019 winners

12 eager pupils from St Peter’s Sixth Form participated in their very own 2019’s Man Booker prize debate.

Head of English, Mrs Mallard said:

“There has been some recent debate surrounding the Booker and whether it has lost its lustre, and indeed its readership, arguing that the last ‘readable’ Booker winner was Mantel with Bring up the Bodies in 2012. Some have deemed the shortlist ‘unreadable’ and a marketing ploy with others up in arms that certain books didn’t make the list. Hence the Guardian’s own prize titled ‘Not the Booker Prize Prize’”.

In a new twist to this popular annual event, members of the St Peter’s staff nominated their favourite text from the longlist in order to make their very own shortlist. “One that is full to the brim with readable, good, enlightening literature,” we are assured.

Librarian Mrs Wong said “We have tweaked the longlist as these texts will resonate more with the students. We believe they will get more out of it this way”.

Each shortlisted text had two Sixth Form pupils debating why their assigned books should win. This evening celebrated literature with multiple rounds, Q&A and frightful eliminations.

Following an enthusiastic floor debate, the audience announced its winners Hebe and Lilly with Lanny by Max Porter. The victorious pupils won the official 2019 Man Booker prize shortlist. One literary judge states “there is still a lot of merit in the texts offered in the longlist”. They will certainly be kept busy reading those for a while!

St Peter’s is proud to undertake this shadowing event, taking this one step further by opening our first ‘Teacher choice, Man Booker Shortlist’.

The six shortlisted entries included; The Testaments by Atwood, My Sister the Serial Killer by Braithwaite, Girl, Woman, Other by Evaristo, The Wall by Lanchester, Lanny by Porter, Frankissstein by Winterson.