'Keystone’: the Magazine Written by Pupils, for Pupils.

St Peter's School

'Keystone’: the Magazine Written by Pupils, for Pupils.


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This term, Sixth Form pupils have been working hard to write, edit and produce ‘Keystone’: the magazine written by pupils, for pupils. The magazine has been given a rebrand and the pupils, led by Ed Fricker, hope that it reflects the unique character of life at the school. Without giving too much away, readers can expect everything from articles debating world issues from feminism to veganism, to backstage gossip from ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’, to an agony aunt page and even the Housemasters battling it out with their best jokes. As Ed says, “We hope that everyone who picks this up will find at least one article which appeals to them”.  The edition also contains illustrations and photography by pupils, and has involved lots of late nights trying to get everything done in time for the print deadline. 

Click here to read the magazine!

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