Brexit Day Lunch with Sue Pascoe

St Peter's School

Brexit Day Lunch with Sue Pascoe

Sue Pascoe

Sixth Form students at St Peter’s enjoyed a Brexit Day lunch with Conservative candidate and activist Sue Pascoe. Sue stood to be a Conservative MEP for Yorkshire in the 2019 European Parliament elections and has enjoyed a long and successful career in accountancy and business.

Sue’s life has not been without its challenges; coming from a difficult family background to succeed educationally and become a partner in a leading accountancy practice, then after early retirement having surgery to become her true self and working for diversity and LGBT campaigns.

Sue compared the significance of Brexit Day to our last big break with Europe, at the reformation, and said that she was very optimistic about the new trading opportunities soon to be open to the UK. There was a broad range of questions about politics and Sue’s personal journey, all of which she answered fully and honestly.

Ben Fuller, Head of Politics said: “Our students enjoyed the chance to meet and talk to Sue. It was good for them to hear a positive view of Theresa May’s work on social issues and to hear Sue’s unique perspective on the attitudes women and men face in work and society.”