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Exercise Senior Defender

St Peter's School

Exercise Senior Defender

Ex sd 2

Last weekend saw members of 5 & 6 Platoon deploy on Ex Senior Defender. The exercise was designed to test our senior Cadets (6th Form) on Command, Control and Leadership. The tasking was to secure a compound and defend it at all costs. The Principles of Defending a Key Point have been taught in the weeks leading up to the exercise, which included Vehicle Check Points, setting up tactical HLS, Communications, First Aid and more importantly the Principles of Defence.
Members were given Command Appointments throughout the night and they were responsible for all Command and Control and had to act quickly to fast moving scenario inputs from the staff. Communications (Radio Operator) and watch keeping were vital and the control of the VCP and Quick Reaction Force (QRF) needed confidence and awareness.
At the Same time 5 Platoon were deployed into the field in a tactical scenario near to this compound as an enemy force. They had to try and take this compound and spent the night operating Close Target Recces, infiltrating and at first light co-ordinating a full attack on the position.
It was a testing night for both Platoons with very little sleep for 6 Platoon, who were put under an enormous amount of pressure to test their leadership skills in an austere environment.

Both Platoons demonstrated a fantastic ability in knowledge, enthusiasm and determination to get the job done. Well done to everyone involved.