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St Peter’s achieves Eco-Schools Bronze Award

St Peter's School

St Peter’s achieves Eco-Schools Bronze Award

Campus from the Ouse

St Peter’s School has secured an Eco-Schools Bronze Award in recognition of the school’s achievement in working towards a sustainable lifestyle.  

Over the last year, St Peter’s School has set up an environmental committee with representation from across the pupil and staff body. The pupils have completed an environmental audit and set three targets to move the school forward on its journey to become more environmentally sustainable. 

The three targets include reducing waste by diminishing the use of single use plastic water bottles and recycling more, reducing energy wastage by launching an energy campaign, and reducing traffic and air pollution by discouraging idling and introducing a Park & Ride scheme.  

These targets have already been communicated with the pupils through notices in house meetings and via school noticeboards. Once the children return to school, it is hoped that these three targets can be actioned with the aim of achieving the Silver Award within the next two years. 

Mrs Samantha Hall, who co-ordinates the Eco-Club at St Peter’s, said: ‘There is a great deal of energy and commitment for a greener life at St Peter's. I would like to thank all the pupils and staff who have made this first award possible and I am very excited about the new ground we can tread in the coming months. Come and get involved at our weekly eco-club meetings. We all have a part to play!’ 

Mr Jeremy Walker, Head Master at St Peter’s, said: ‘I have been delighted to see the rapid growth of our pupil-led Eco-Club which came from the School Council last year and gained my immediate support. A great deal of hard work has already been done and we are seeing a significant reduction in single-use plastic as well as the introduction of our Park and Ride scheme.  

‘I am very proud of the pupils and grateful for the support of colleagues across the school. This is a shining example of young people taking responsibility and making a positive impact and I look forward to further developments.’  

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