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House Isolation Olympics

St Peter's School

House Isolation Olympics

Rainbow Cake 4

The House Isolation Olympics were launched by Miss Mounter on Monday 20 April to ensure that pupils feel connected with their Houses despite being physically distanced from school.  

Two challenges are sent to each House every Monday morning and each House then has a week to complete the challenges, by submitting an entry from 3rd and 4th Form and the 5th, L6 and U6 Forms from each House. 

Each entry should be coordinated by Heads of House/ House Representative and submitted to Miss Mounter. The entries are judged before the results are announced each Thursday. 

The top four Houses will be announced each week with a running total of points. For all House challenges in the Isolation Olympics, points will be awarded to the House each week, and a cup will be presented at the end of lockdown. Meanwhile, those in first place in each category each week, will receive a prize in the post. 

Mr Jeremy Walker, Head Master, says: "It has been fantastic to see Peterites respond creatively and imaginatively to the Isolation Olympics. In the absence of our usual round of House events, this has been a great initiative and kept alive that incredible important sense of House identity and friendly competition. I really look forward to seeing what ideas and endeavours emerge."

Week 1 Challenges and Winners

1) Bird on a Toothbrush

Junior Entries:

1st - Maddie, Clifton
2nd - Noah, Temple House
3rd - Sammie, Dronfield

Senior Entries:

1st - Rupert (School)
2nd - Sophie (Dronfield)
3rd - Lily (Grove)

2) Rainbow Cake 

Junior Entries:

1st - Phoebe (Temple)
2nd - Charlotte (Hope)
3rd - Megan (Dronfield)

Senior Entries

1st - Joe (School)
2nd - Ella (Rise)
3rd - Milly (Grove) and Tudor (Queen's)

Week 2 Challenges and Winners

1) Paper Aeroplane Challenge 
2) House of Cards Challenge

For the aeroplane challenge, pupils were asked to make a paper plane, and both film and measure how far it could fly. The furthest recorded flight will win the prize. The House of Cards challenge will be judged on how may levels pupils could incorporate in their playing-card structure – no adhesives allowed! 

Thank you to Miss Mounter for announcing the winners...

"This week’s Isolation Olympics saw entries – quite literally in some cases - flying in from the Rise and Dronfield. The Paper Aeroplane challenge yielded some very impressive statistics. In the Juniors, Charlotte's plane travelled 14.2 metres. In second place with a flight of 15m was Mitch's plane. And in first place, with a distance of 20m travelled was Sammie for Dronfield. For the Seniors, Hope took Bronze with a flight that measured 22.8 m. In Silver medal position, with a distance of 30m, was Flora's 30m flight, but winning Gold with a recorded flight of 32m was Sophie in The Rise.

"The House of Cards Challenge was definitely stacked in favour of our winners, and I was Frankly taken aback by the impressive array of structures. In the Junior Category, Annabel was awarded third place, Lauren – second, and first place was awarded to Ellie for her six- tier structure. As for the Seniors, Lily was awarded third place for her five-tier submission. With six tiers, James took second place, and acing it for Dronfield with a hugely impressive nine tiers, was Serena."

Well done to all our winners. This means that The Rise, Temple and Dronfield come away with winning hands this week, and take the majority of House points!

Week 3 Challenges and Winners 

1) Pets in Fancy Dress
2) Fruit Tower

Once again, we received some excellent entries, and the winners are revealed by Miss Mounter:

Fruit Tower 

For the Juniors, Poppy took third place with a berry good effort, Freddie took second with an interesting orange-ment, but for minimalist precision and pleasing sculptural symmetry, Grace took a peachy first place.

In the Seniors, Anna was awarded third place for her pithy entry. Elliot is to be apple-auded (applauded) for taking second place and, with an unassailable eight pieces of fruit assembled in a colourful melonge (melange) first place is awarded to Annabelle.

Pets in Fancy Dress

Turning to the junior entries for Fancy Dress Pets, my hero has to be the super entry by Will for his masked pooch which took third place. Sammie's unbridled playfulness saw her cantering into a very stable second place. However, I was bowled over by Noah's winning cricket inspired entry which, I have to say, had me in creases.

And now for the seniors. Millie's uniform-inspired entry I think gave us all paws for thought, and garnered third class honours. Skating into second place was Ella's delightfully far-fetched photo. This week’s first place was awarded to Lottie's for her VE-Day-themed tribute. Its high-level of invention and range of props made some of the other entries look, frankly, a little ruff.

House totals so far
In joint 3rd place School and The Rise, 2nd place Temple, and currently holding the top spot Dronfield.

Week 4 Challenges and Winners

1) 'Create a St Peter's Biscuit
2) 'Toilet Roll Keepie Uppie' 

We were inundated with entries in both categories. Well done to all of you who took part.

Biscuit Challenge

Crumbs!, this was a difficult one to judge. I figured Mollie Ake was on a roll with her Clifton House Lion which took third place in the Juniors. Also in the Club with second place was Joseph Jacques, but it was Maddie Hill’s architectural creation than garnered a jammy first place. For the seniors, Tudor Maude’s Queen’s Building took a very Nice third place. A Breakaway second place was awarded to Flora McDonald-Wilson, but leading the wafer (WAY FOR) Dronfield, who’ve hobnobbed their way into first place was Hope Simpson. I will just pause there for a moment so that you can digest if (Digestive) you need to.

Keepie-Uppie Challenge

Kicking off proceedings in the Juniors, we saw Charlotte Deniz tackle this challenge to win third place. Taking Silva we had Luke Redman, but for Shearer control first place was awarded to Tierney Walsh. As for the Seniors, Amelia Blackburn took third place with a far from Messi performance, managing 8. Avoiding every Hazard, we saw Joseph Lawrence Bale at an impressive 12. But, flushed with success, and Best by far was James Hansen with 17.

I’d like, if I may, to also mention contributions from staff. When it comes to the crunch, Dr Boddy can always be relied upon to support her House. Her highly detailed Clifton House inspired biscuits were a cracker of an entry. Also taking to the field were Mr Lawrence, Mr Matkin, Mrs Gillies, and Mr Whitehouse. But they were no match for Mr White who managed 19 – yes, As Mané as that!

House totals so far:

3rd place is School
2nd place is Temple
1st place is Dronfield

Week 5 Challanges

1) You've Been Re-framed
2) This too shall pass