Bangs, explosions and other exciting stuff

St Peter's School

Bangs, explosions and other exciting stuff

Lecture at Terrington Hall

Members of our Science staff have travelled to Terrington Hall Preparatory School to deliver a lecture entitled ‘Science: Bangs, Explosions and Other Exciting Stuff’.

Head of Chemistry Graham Smith and Physics teacher Andy Parr explored infra-red imaging, methane bubbles and hydrogen bombs among other topics as part of their talk.

The lively demonstration also including exploding balloons and combining different elements with fire to create a range of coloured flames.

Mr Smith said: “It was great fun to work with such an enthusiastic audience; there’s such a fascinating world of wonders for young learners who continue to study biology, chemistry and physics. Mr Parr and I had a rewarding time speaking to the pupils and staff at Terrington Hall, and we hope the children will continue to approach their science lessons with such excitement in the years to come.”