Film festival comes to St Olave’s

St Peter's School

Film festival comes to St Olave’s

Aesthetica at St Olave's
Our J4 pupils have had their English classroom transformed into a cinema for some special screenings from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Pupils took the opportunity to watch four short films by filmmakers from around the world with a critical eye, considering the artistic merit and cultural background of each one, before writing their own reviews.

The films ranged from Dobry, a hard-hitting piece from Bulgarian Director Orlin Milchev, which focuses on the relationship between a refugee and a generous shepherd, to Gnome, an animated comedy by Sacha Goedegebure from Singapore, telling the story of a gnome who befriends a caterpillar, with surprising consequences.

Julia Jones, Head of English at St Olave’s, said: “It was great for the pupils to watch short films, a medium of storytelling that they may not be familiar with, especially when these films come from a range of different cultures. The experience will help them to view all forms of media and storytelling in a different light.”