St Peter's School


The horseshoe at the front of St Peter's SchoolThe St Peter's School Chapel is situated at the front of the school near the library and the historic Memorial Hall.

Chapel life is an integral part of the moral and spiritual education offered by the school. The regular pattern of three services each week allows Christian worship to be experienced. It is here that the school will express the values of its Christian foundation and in the light of those values face the joys and sorrows of its community life and reflect upon some of the challenges of the modern world.

St Peter’s has a full-time Church of England Chaplain who not only delivers regular services but also provides religious education and pastoral care.

The addresses at regular chapels are given by the Chaplain or by visiting speakers from a variety of traditions. Once a year each House is responsible for leading a service.

Once a term, a sung Eucharist is celebrated with the whole school. There are also voluntary services on key days such as Ash Wednesday. Candidates are prepared for the annual confirmation service which happens in March.


Reverend Daniel Jones
01904 527412