St Peter's School


StPeters Day2 227The St Peter’s School Sanatorium is situated in a peaceful older wing of the main part of the school, providing quick and easy access for pupils but also a quiet, discreet environment to aid convalescence.

It is staffed 24/7, meaning our boarders from both St Peter’s and St Olave’s can go for medical care at any time of the day or night.

The School Nurses

The Sanatorium is staffed at all times by qualified nurses.  

The School Medical Officer also visits the School as necessary, but is based very nearby at a practice at 32 Clifton, just across the road from the main School building, and can see pupils at the surgery.


Senior Sister Irene Bevan, Sister in Charge

School Medical Officer: Dr Rebecca Field

Health Record Form

This should be completed and returned to School by 1 August. It is important that the School knows of any medical condition/allergies etc. which your child suffers from. Relevant information is passed to the Housemaster/mistress and to those responsible for looking after your son/daughter in their various activities, as appropriate.


Medical Treatment: Boarding Pupils Registration

As boarders spend so much more time at School than at home, it is essential that they register with the School Doctor so that he/she may treat them in the School Medical Centre or surgery.

Parents of boarding pupils are asked to arrange for their son/daughter to have a medical examination with their home doctor prior to joining the School/before the first day of term.

Boarders’ Medical Cards

Parents will need to supply us with the name and address of the present doctor and in the meantime must complete the purple NHS form (Family doctor services registration GMS1).

It is still possible for pupils to obtain specialist treatment outside the National Health Service (NHS) by private consultation if a referral is necessary.

During the school holidays, medical treatment can be obtained either privately or through the NHS as a ‘temporary resident’. No pupil should transfer from the School Doctor’s list until after leaving School.

Day Pupils

Medical Treatment

School has a resident nurse in the Medical Centre where pupils can obtain treatment for minor injuries/illness which happen at school. If a day pupil is injured or ill at School, parents are informed, therefore it is essential that Housemasters/mistresses have a current emergency phone number.

Consent to Treatment

If urgent medical treatment is required every effort will be made to contact the parents or guardian, but in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for the Head Master or Housemaster/mistress, acting in loco parentis, to consent to treatment, including anaesthetic or operation.

Illness and Contact with Infectious Diseases

If your son/daughter, during the holidays, has an operation, accident, inoculation or other special treatment, you must let us know when your son/daughter returns to School and likewise we want to know if there has been contact with infectious diseases.

Overseas Pupils

Overseas pupils from countries with which Britain has reciprocal health agreements and EU countries are exempt from charges for hospital care after their first year of residence. Emergency treatment and accident departments are free to all such students. It is advised that overseas pupils take out private medical insurance to cover them for hospital care for their first year of residence.

The School Medical Officer is Dr Rebecca Field and pupils may ask to see her by appointment with the School Nurses. Pupils may request to see a male or female doctor.