Calculators, Books and Lockers

St Peter's School

Calculators, Books and Lockers


Pupils are required to have their own calculator. We strongly
recommend the Casio fx-991EX CLASSWIZ, which is suitable for both GCSE and A-level Mathematics.

Please Note:

  • If a pupil does not have this particular calculator they could be disadvantaged in Maths lessons.
  • Please make sure that your son/daughter’s name is scratched onto the machine.


It would be a great help if we could assume that every pupil entering St Peter’s School owned their own dictionary. We suggest something small enough to be easily carried around, such as the Oxford Mini Dictionary.

All pupils should have their own German, Spanish or French Dictionaries (Collins Pocket – approx £6.99) depending on their subject choices.

Lockers and Padlocks

Each day pupil has a locker in a Common Room and a locker for games kit in the changing rooms. They must provide three padlocks, one for each locker.