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SpanishThe Course

The course strives to move away from the emphasis on prescribed classroom language and over-dependence on textbook teaching towards an immersion in authentic language and culture. We will examine aspects of Spanish speaking countries, their political systems and history. Franco, the democratic transition in Spain and the cinema of Pedro Almodovar, one of the world’s greatest directors. Later, we develop cultural topics in more detail, including studying social issues across the Spanish-speaking world and reading a novel by Ramon J
Sender based on horrors of the Spanish Civil War.

Language and culture go hand in hand: the study of a new language automatically helps you to get to know other people and their ever-changing culture. However, it is not only culture that is constantly developing as language itself never sleeps since it simultaneously defines and is defined by the world around us so learning another language opens one's mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. Speaking more than one language is a skill which will radically increase your marketability.

  • Paper 1: Speaking gives pupils then opportunity to research their chosen topic in depth promoting the development of critical and independent thinking through close engagement with the target language.
  • Paper 2: Reading and Listening will challenge the pupil's comprehension skills. The extensive use of authentic materials will acquaint the candidate with the necessary vocabulary and skills to help the candidate to develop a true feel for the language.
  • Paper 3: Writing and Usage consists of a discursive essay in the target language and a separate usage section which tests grammar and sentence structure. Essay skills are a vital part of any intended university course.
  • Paper 4: Topics and Texts paper provides the opportunity to explore at least one cultural topic and one piece of literature in-depth, encouraging the pupil to develop a personal engagement with the culture.


  • Paper 1 - 16m
    Speaking - 25%
  • Paper 2 - 2hr 15m
    Reading and Listening - 25%
  • Paper 3 - 2hr 15m
    Writing and Usage - 25%
  • Paper 4 - 2hr 30m
    Topics and Texts - 25%

Examination Board: Cambridge Pre-U

Pupils should have achieved GCSE or IGCSE grade 9 to 6. A modern language can be combined with another academic subject.

Additional Notes

There will be opportunities to visit other countries during the course. We have trips to France and Spain. There will also be the opportunity for students in the Fifth Form, who intend to continue with language, to apply for an award to help with a study trip abroad in order to improve the language and cultural knowledge of the chosen country.