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St Peter's 13-18

25 June 2020

This week it seems only right that the ‘And finally’ section goes to some of the contributions from the Upper Sixth. A message to my third form self:

Flora writes: To start with, you do not suit a side parting. Please change it, for the sake of your third form photo. Secondly, make the most of your time at school, you only get to experience it once and it will fly by much quicker than you think. Don’t stress about making friends, just be yourself and you will find your people. You are going to find friends for life.

Niamh writes: Be kind and immerse yourself with the people around you, remembering that they are going on the same journey.

Olivia said Enjoy the brown blazers and ugly skirts because they are one of a kind.

Sirui reminds us: Totally different educational systems compared with China. You need to really focus your study and have a good link with the teachers to solve the problems.

Ellen asks us: Always be genuine and never judge others and always try and be the best version of yourself.

James advises: don’t waste time doing nothing.

Rihanna reflects: I think I might have enjoyed D of E if I had taken part….

Tom writes: before you know it, you will know it like the back of your hand.

Olivia: Play at Sedbergh at least once. The bus rides are super long but very funny.

Ayanfe (AY) advises: Be unapologetically yourself. Don’t try to fit it. Don’t change yourself for anyone, because everyone is different in one way or another. So why try and be like someone else?

And Alistair surely speaks for everyone when he says: Dear Third Form self - don’t make jokes in front of Mr Snelling.

We have been in lockdown for such a long time that it seems remarkable that we are now only just over a week away from the summer holiday.  Nearly there…

Stay safe, go well and crack on.