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St Peter's 13-18

30 April 2020

Yesterday would have been Sports Day and I know that many of you took part in the 5K Challenge. I don’t think that my time would have troubled the podium places for the staff team but it has been excellent to see people getting involved in so many school events already this term. As this assembly has to be recorded on a Wednesday, the results will be shared next week.

Results are though available for the Isolation Olympics – Week One House Challenge. There was a lot of competition for both the Junior and Senior entry for the Photo of a Bird on a Toothbrush challenge and they can be viewed later today on the school’s social media platforms.

The entry that stood out to gain first place in the Junior section was Maddie Hill’s Blue Tit on an Electric Toothbrush inside her bird feeder. Very impressive! Second place was awarded to Noah Pearey in Temple House, and 3rd place was awarded to Sammie Callister in Dronfield, whose entry came from her garden in the Isle of Man.  

The Senior entry of the Bird on a Toothbrush was also closely contested. First place was awarded to Rupert Walker in School House, whose method was to first insert a toothbrush into an apple, and then fix this onto a spade handle! Second place went to Sophie O’Callaghan in Dronfield, who managed to attract a robin, and 3rd place was awarded to Lily Williams in the Grove.

The second part of the Challenge was a Rainbow Cake creation. Who knew a rainbow cake would inspire such intricate cakes across the school? It was definitely a hard round to judge, even Paul Hollywood would have struggled! The Junior first place was awarded to Phoebe McKelvie for her creation of a Temple House/NHS rainbow cake. Second place was awarded to Charlotte Blake in Hope. 3rd place went to Megan Lenton-Brook in Dronfield.

The toughest age category to judge was the Seniors and an independent judge was employed to carry out this difficult task. First place was awarded to Joe Johnson in School, who managed to recycle leftover bits of rainbow cake to decorate the outside of his icing. In a very close second place was Ella Faulder, who dedicated her creation to the NHS. The standard was so high that we decided to award a joint 3rd place to Milly Gray in The Grove and Tudor Maude in Queen’s. These were all very colourful and inventive cakes. Well done to all of you.

For all House challenges in the Isolation Olympics, points will be awarded to the House each week, and a cup will be presented at the end of lockdown. Meanwhile, those in first place in each category each week, will receive a prize in the post.

The week’s Isolation Olympics feature The Paper Aeroplane and The House of Cards challenges. For the aeroplane challenge, you will need to make a paper plane, and both film and measure how far it flies. The furthest recorded flight will win the prize. The House of Cards challenge will be judged on how may levels you can incorporate to your playing-card structure – no adhesives allowed! Entries have already started arriving, but you have until Sunday’s deadline to make your submission.

This week also saw the Head Master’s Quiz. I hope you enjoyed the questions – I certainly enjoyed setting them and it was great to receive so many entries with almost 50 Tutor groups taking part. The top score was 9 out of ten which was shared jointly by two Tutor Groups. The full set of answers will be emailed via Tutors but interestingly the winning teams both got the same answer wrong. That was question 6. “St Peter’s has been based in several locations since its inception in 627AD. The current site is on land formerly owned by Guy Fawkes. In which decade did the school move to this site?” and the answer was 1844 rather than immediately after it was purchased from Guy Fawkes.

Congratulations to the winning Tutor Groups - 4th Form in Hope House and 5th Form in Queen’s and a prize is on its way via their Tutors, Mr Grant’s and Mrs Miles-Kingston.

From last term: HOUSE FOOTBALL

Throughout the Easter Term, the L6th have been battling away on Thursday lunchtimes on the inter-house football competition. Raucous crowds gathered each week in the sports hall to witness some outstanding goals, amazing saves and the tactical battle between tika-taka pass and move football, against some ‘hoof it’ defensive displays. Competition was fierce and the group stages were completed by half-term with School and The Grove qualifying from Group A, and Clifton and The Manor from Group B. The Semi-finals saw some quality games being played out but The Grove and Clifton departed at this stage with The Grove later going on to take the 3rd place in the playoff. The Grand Final therefore saw The Manor take on School – there had been much talk in the common rooms in the build up to the game, tactics were discussed, teamsheets were written out and the final turned out to be a tense affair with chances at both ends. These two good teams couldn’t get the better of each other and the cup was decided on penalties, with The Manor emerging victorious and ensuring some energetic house celebrations on the pitch. Well done to all the boys that represented their Houses across the term. Thanks also to Mr White, Mr Lawrence and Mr Bowden for organising and giving up their lunchtimes to ensure all matches were refereed fairly!


The end of last term saw the new Inter-House Basketball competition take place. This was something that the pupil body was keen to see happen and the competition was enjoyed throughout by all the houses that took part. It was well supported too and, while the quality of play might not always have been of the highest standard, there were some moments of brilliance that will last long in the memory of those there. The competition took place over three weeks leaving a final between The Manor and Hope. The Manor eventually came out on top in a well-contested final so congratulations to them.


We had a fantastic set of examination results from the end of last term across all grades. 10 pupils achieved their Grade 8:

  • Sophie Bone – violin
  • Sophie Broughton – singing
  • Tim Burgess - singing
  • Iris Greaney - harp
  • Jodie Leon - piano
  • Ellie Miles-Kingston - piano
  • Will Miles-Kingston – singing
  • Annabelle Stanford – saxophone and singing
  • Rupert Walker – singing
  • Emily Yeung – piano

Particular congratulations go to Tim Burgess (saxophone) and Matthew Ng (clarinet) who were awarded their ARSM diplomas, both with distinction. Many congratulations to all who secured their music exam results.

Mr Miles-Kingston notes that he will be starting rehearsals with the Chapel Choir on Friday 1 May at the usual time of 1.00pm. A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent round to your school email accounts and please do join us.


The debating society met on Tuesday, this time via Zoom, which allowed them to follow a full Mace style debate with the motion being ‘THB that the expanded powers of the government in times of National Emergency are not justified.’ This motion heard discussion about the economy, politics, science and sociological aspects of the current situation in which we currently find ourselves. Do we trust our government to follow scientific advice to benefit our society?

If anyone would like to join us and participate or simply hear the thorough discussions please let Mrs Lunardi know!

And finally, week 2 is almost complete and my continued thanks and congratulations to you all for all you are doing. I am finding that each day remains very busy and that is perhaps the same for you but there are some new habits which I am enjoying and intend to maintain in the future. Running almost every day has become important to me – not just because the exercise graph on my phone records one spike of serious activity and then flat-lines for the rest of the day! I find that I am setting myself goals and routines – over 90 miles run since lockdown began and I am seeing where my distance would get me if I was running from York to different locations. The pretty market town of Sherborne in Dorset is first on my list.

Every Thursday at 8pm I walk the short distance from home to clap for the NHS and critical workers at the gates of the school and look forward to seeing neighbours who live down there. Through not going out much I am spending more time noticing what is happening in the garden and getting obsessive over how well the wisteria I planted last year is growing and if it will flower this year. I have found myself noticing the different groups of birds and varieties such as robins, tits, gold-finches and others and seeing how they interact with each other and protect their territory. Having decided to cancel my summer holiday to Greece, I have been learning Greek via an app. The New Testament Greek I had to learn for my degree is still reasonably good but I travel there frequently and have always wanted to move on from tourist Greek to more proficiency. I am reading more widely and more interestingly.

Almost unwittingly, I am doing many of the things I keep promising myself I will do but never seem to find the time for in the usual hurly burly of life. New learning and an unexpected (and frankly unwelcome) shifting of habits and behaviours that I will want to maintain when we return to normality. I hope you too are finding the nuggets of gold amongst the challenges.

Well done on all you are doing. Go well, stay safe and crack on.