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Learning Hubs - Phase 1

St Peter's 13-18

Learning Hubs - Phase 1

As St Peter’s has grown, our Maths and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) departments have grown too, with their success and popularity far outstripping their accommodation. 

Maths, currently housed in five classrooms in the Scott Block, has seen the number of pupils studying Maths at Sixth Form grow by almost 70% in just over a decade.  As many as seven lessons take place at any one time.  Similarly, our MFL department is currently taught in the Grove Block and three other classrooms, and requires eight teaching rooms in order to function as it should.  Both are, of necessity, teaching in classrooms spread across campus in order to cater for the numbers of pupils involved.  

The overall aim of the Learning Hubs project is to house departments in a single, coherent location, as has already been achieved with a number of other departments including English, History, RS, Geography and Classics, rather than being dispersed as Maths and MFL currently are.

We are delighted that planning permission has been granted to demolish the existing Scott and Grove blocks, and replace them with a single larger building.  Works will begin this summer, and both departments should be in their new home by September 2018.

MATHS MFL view 2

The ability to deliver all subject teaching in a single geographic location will enhance each department’s identity: the sense of “arrival” for pupils, strengthened further by discrete entrances for each department, will benefit motivation and academic attainment.  Access to subject-specific equipment – for example, audio-visual equipment for languages – will also greatly enhance the pupils learning experience.

MATHS MFL view 1

The MFL facilities in the new building will include eight teaching spaces, a dedicated language lab and resource area, seven group rooms for listening/oral work and a work/staff room. The Maths Department will feature eight teaching spaces and a work/staff room.In addition to the 16 Maths and MFL teaching rooms, we are taking the opportunity to create a new Sixth Form collaborative learning space where pupils can work independently and get used to the sort of working environment they are likely to experience at university and beyond.  A staff resource area, meeting and breakout rooms, and ancillary spaces such as toilets and storage will be shared by the two departments.  In total, teaching space will be increased by 50%.

As part of the development, a pupil-focused quad will be created in the location of the existing car park. The southern edge of the courtyard will remain open, providing views across playing fields towards the river. The quad, and its associated grassy terraces, will provide a pedestrian-friendly outdoor space for pupils to relax and mingle.

As part of the works, the modest CCF hut will also be relocated: a site has been identified on the lower campus that will move our CCF provision closer to the main drill area and to the playing fields utilised for CCF activities.  

View the full documentation for the project as submitted for planning.