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In Memory of Camron Miller

St Peter's 13-18

In Memory of Camron Miller

Camron Miller

“Camron was a much-loved colleague and teacher of English, Drama and Classics. His wide-ranging interests and breadth of knowledge was admired by all who knew him and his warmth, kindness and humour will be greatly missed. He was a man of great spirit and passion for his subject, instilling a love of literature in those who were fortunate enough to spend time with him. His consideration and care for others made him an excellent Tutor to the boarders in Dronfield and he was an integral part of the life of St Peter’s with a wide group of friends.” Jeremy Walker, Head Master

Camron was educated at St Bee’s School, Cumbria, Royal Holloway, London, and Oxford, joining us in 2014 from St Mary’s, Calne. He quickly made an impression – receiving a rave review from a member of the LVI in his Salvete in that year’s Peterite: “Whether he is inspiring us in the classroom or cracking us up with his American accent in play rehearsals, on behalf of the pupils I’d say that Mr Miller is an amazing addition to the teaching staff: we are lucky to have him!”

Camron died in his sleep on 10 August, 2019, after a short illness, with his funeral at St Bees Priory and a memorial service in St Peter’s Chapel in early December.

Rebecca Jones, Camron's friend and colleague, wrote this moving poem in memory of Camron:

Now poetry isn’t really my thing,
Rhyming couplets too trite for you.
You’d know just how to ‘put’ it all
But this will just have to do.

Coffee on Capri, Karaoke, negronis and G&T-
Special times with a friend of mine,
Whom I wish I could still see.

The Sports team called you Bubbles,
although, I think, you never knew.
I wonder what you’d make of that,
But it says a lot about you.

English, Latin, Drama- you taught them all with flair
And you listened to our whingeing when no one else was there.

Many a Burns Night reel you jigged with Paddy partnering you.
Hard to believe, I know it is,
But I’m telling you it’s true.

You devoured books like helpless jelly babes,
And made Shrewsbury lamb for tea.
Talked film, theatre and literature
With your unfathomable vocabulary.

You could be a little annoying sometimes,
To that charge, you would submit,
But none of us are perfect
Even you with your razor sharp wit.

Camron, Mr. Miller, darling, we loved you 
and love you still we do.
I hope to see you soon again,
Til then we’ll say adieu.