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Additional policy

Acceptable Use of Computer Facilities and Access to the Internet/Email

Pupils are asked to read this section and then sign and return one copy of the ICT Acceptable Use Guidelines Form which is sent out during the summer term, and retain a copy for your information.

An important aspect of a young person’s education is the development of responsible, considerate and independent use of computer facilities and online communications and resources. Computers and Internet access are provided for pupils to do work, conduct research and communicate with others, both in the context of lessons and in their free times. Access to the facilities is a privilege, not a right, and that access carries responsibility. Pupils should maintain good behaviour when using computers or on the Internet, just as they would in a classroom. School rules apply.


Pupils in the Third, Fourth and Fifth form access the Internet during lessons in teacher-led activities, or during lunch-times and after-school sessions. Sixth formers may use the Internet for work-related access during study periods. All pupils have a School email account.

Some material accessible via the Internet may be illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive. The School Internet link is filtered and access is monitored and logged. Attempts to browse the Internet via any proxy servers (and thus bypassing the filter) are forbidden. Pupils may find ways to access such materials or bring them in from elsewhere. Ultimately, parents/guardians of pupils are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information sources.


Computer storage areas and USB drives will be treated like School lockers. Staff may review files and communications to ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on servers or drives will always be private. Users are responsible for the security of their work by backing up when necessary. Whilst the School carries out frequent backups of data, it cannot be held responsible for loss of work.

Users wishing to move work files between home and School are responsible for ensuring that their files on storage media are free from computer viruses. We recommend that home systems have virus detection and eradication software installed, and that checks are carried out frequently.

Laptop, tablet and phone connectivity

Pupils may connect their own devices to the School’s wifi network. Details of how to do this will be shared when they arrive.


Whether using basic computer facilities or exploring the Internet and email, pupils are expected to observe the published guidelines. All pupils and parents/guardians are required to agree to and sign the Acceptable Use document and should be aware that there are legal, ethical and moral implications and consequences of misuse for individuals, the School as a community and society in general.

It is essential that all pupils read, sign and return the ICT Acceptable Use Guidelines Form which is sent out during the summer term.


Photography Permission

We ask parents to contact us if you do not give permission for us to take or publish photographs of your children. Permission will be assumed unless we hear from you.

The growth of internet communication and social media means that photographs of school life may appear more widely. The Parent Contract details how we may use images of your child, as follows:

It is the custom and practice of most Schools, including this School, to take still and moving images of children for use in displays, newsletters and school publications, and for promotional purposes.  Images may be used internally or externally, in printed format or electronically, including online and in social media. Parents who do not want their child’s image to appear in any material must make sure that their child is aware of this and must write to the Head requesting an acknowledgement of their letter.  We will not disclose the full name alongside a still or moving image of a child without parental consent.

Please contact us before the start of the academic year if you do not give permission for your child to be featured in still or moving images.