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Employability Skills

St Peter's 13-18

Employability Skills

Stpeters27thSept 40From the Third Form onwards pupils are provided with a comprehensive programme of age-appropriate material, delivered through PSHE lessons, talks, lectures, visits and opportunities both in and out of school, which allow them to explore their options and develop their employability skills.

As part of the programme, we encourage all pupils to undertake a work experience placement. Placements are usually carried out in Fifth Form when pupils have completed their GCSEs towards the end of term or during the summer holidays, although opportunities are available from Third Form through to Upper Sixth.

Some pupils may be very clear about the kind of work placement they would be interested in securing. For these pupils it is suggested that they, working in partnership with school and parents, consider ways in which they can access appropriate opportunities either through personal contacts or by contacting employers directly to see if they are able to offer work experience.

The focus is always for pupils to take responsibility for their own development, whilst being supported and guided along the way e.g. for a medically-related placement, the employer will expect to see the pupil take the initiative and be responsible for organising it themselves, rather than relying on the school or a parent to organise it on their behalf. Nevertheless, in this situation, the Careers Department will still provide advice on who pupils could contact, how to write curriculum vitaes and covering letters, follow up on areas of interest, and so on.

Other pupils may not be clear or definite about the type of placement they would like to pursue, yet we still encourage them to seek such an opportunity. These pupils work in close partnership with the Careers Department: by reviewing their Morrisby profile and one-to-one discussion, searching the database of placements available through NYBEP and the business community, should enable them to access appropriate and relevant opportunities.

At all stages through the work experience process we offer help and guidance to pupils.

Note for Parents and Employers

We are always looking for ways to improve the support we offer to our pupils in terms of learning and teaching, but also in terms of their development in a broader sense. There is an increasing need to help pupils with university applications through gaining relevant work experience, shadowing or mock interviews. In addition, this helps them make informed choices about their future through engagement with professionals. While we have always supported and offered guidance to pupils, we would like to forge links with alumni, parents of pupils and the wider business community to enable us to provide an increasing range of opportunities.

Our hope is that we can develop our current database of useful opportunities from within our community and then share the relevant details with pupils. For example, a parent working in the NHS may be willing to facilitate a work-shadowing opportunity for a pupil hoping to pursue the same career. In this instance, if a pupil requested assistance, we would provide them with the relevant contact details in the hope that they could then negotiate directly with the parent to arrange something mutually convenient. It is important to stress that details would only be shared with our pupils who have a genuine need.

Given the wide range of post-18 destinations of our Sixth Form pupils, and the interest shown by Fourth and Fifth Form in conducting work experience placements, we hope to collate the widest possible cross section of contacts. These could cater for pupils hoping to apply directly for higher education, or those who may wish to consider full time employment, A Level schemes or wish to explore different careers.

If you feel you could help, either by offering a placement, helping to mentor a pupil, or would like to come into school to share industry knowledge, or for an initial discussion, please e-mail the Careers Department at