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St Peter's 13-18


Stpeters27thSept 76Pupils in Chemistry learn through a combination of theory and “minds-on” practical work. They develop substantial knowledge together with a problem-solving approach to challenging, multi-step problems, a clear appreciation of scientific detail and convention, and confidence with hands-on laboratory skills.

Each Chemistry laboratory is self-sufficient and well-equipped in terms of apparatus and fume cupboards. Students and staff work in a stimulating, safe environment.


Chemistry is taught as part of the EdExcel International GCSE Science (Double Award) course. Topics studied include Amount of Substance, Atomic Structure, Structure and Bonding, Kinetics, Energetics and Redox.

Sixth Form

Students study AQA’s A level Chemistry course with three written exams at the end of the two-year course.

There is no practical exam but an understanding of practical work is assessed rigorously within each of the written papers and students must also demonstrate competence with a range of apparatus, skills and techniques in order to achieve a pass for the practical component of the course. Our students develop a portfolio of practical knowledge and expertise throughout the course in preparation for such assessments.

Some topics are familiar from the IGCSE and GCSE courses. These are studied in greater depth and detail, with an increasingly quantitative, mathematical treatment.

Other topics expand existing knowledge and understanding in completely new ways, and include Biological Chemistry, Equlibria and the study of a diverse range of Organic Functional Groups and Analytical Methods.


  • Each year the Chemistry Department is involved with the Science Society Christmas Lecture.
  • Opportunities are provided for pupils to enter the RSC Chemistry Olympiad and Cambridge C3L6 competitions.

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