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St Peter's 13-18


Stpeters27thSept 27ipsa scientia potestas est
- Knowledge itself is power

Classics remains a fundamental educational keystone, touching upon art, history, politics, philosophy, language, business and science. As such, many students from St Peter’s go on to study classical subjects at universities throughout the UK, and from there into a huge variety of careers.

Films such as Gladiator (2000) or the BBC’s TV series Rome (2007) are recent examples of the continuing power of Roman and Greek language, history and culture to echo through the ages. Add to this a whole catalogue of ‘swords and sandals’ epics and it is clear that Greco-Latin stories remain firmly ingrained in our collective psyche. They continue to inspire and impress.

Third Form

On entry to St Peter’s in the Third Form all pupils must study Classics: either Latin (three sets), or for those with no experience of the language, Classical Civilisation (two sets).


In the Fourth Form (Year 10), either Latin or Classical Civilisation (but not both) may be chosen as a GCSE option. Two-thirds of the year group typically choose to continue with some form of classical study. Classical Civilisation can be chosen for GCSE regardless of whether it has been studied in Third Form.

GCSE Latin with Greek – ‘Gratin’

We are able to offer a combined course in Latin with Greek at GCSE, resulting in two qualifications. Both subjects are studied in an accelerated format. Given that Greek is a new subject, only pupils who are highly competent in Latin are encouraged to pursue this option.

Sixth Form

Both Latin and Classical Civilisation are studied at A level at St Peter’s, and numbers in both subjects remain strong. Greek is also offered, an opportunity that is regularly taken up by keen Classicists and linguists.

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