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St Peter's 13-18


Stpeters27thSept 86Our Physical Education Department aims to provide all St Peter's pupils with the opportunity to develop physical skills and interests through an extensive range of activities.

The skills that our pupils learn will allow them to pursue their interests at school, university and beyond. We also aim to give all pupils the confidence and understanding to exercise effectively and safely, and to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

All pupils from Third Form to Fifth Form have compulsory Physical Education taught by full time qualified staff as timetabled lessons.

Swimming is an integral part of this programme at all levels, with the focus on water confidence and stroke development. We believe that swimming is an essential life skill in addition to being a means of gaining satisfaction, fitness and enjoyment. The School has a recently built 6-lane 25m swimming pool.

A-Level Physical Education

Physical Education is offered at both AS and A2 level in the Sixth Form.

The AS and A2 Physical Education specifications take a multi-disciplinary approach, encouraging the development of different methods of enquiry drawn from a wide range of disciplines, with the focal point being the performer and the performance.

The specifications are based on the interaction between the theory and practice of Physical Education.

The theoretical element of the course is split into three distinct areas:

  1. Exercise Physiology
  2. Sports Psychology
  3. Contemporary Influences

The course offers the candidate a diverse range of study which covers these three disciplines. We study how exercise affects physiological structures in the body; this includes heart and lungs at AS and energy systems and biomechanics at A2. The Sports Psychology section includes information processing systems at AS moving onto Leadership theories and controlling anxiety at A2. The Contemporary issues section looks at World Games, Government policies and moves onto the use of technology and the commercialisation of sport. The course also offers the pupil a practical element which includes developing an interest in performing, refereeing or coaching.

It is an academically robust A-Level which requires strengths in three diverse topic areas. There is a strong link with Biology through the Physiology section, however, the other two sections are new to the pupil and require a range of academic skills. Practically, the opportunity to coach and referee can be a welcome additional skill to performing.

After St Peter's

Many pupils who have a keen interest in sport go on to study related courses at university which include – sport science, exercise physiology, coaching and teaching, physiotherapy, sports management and business, nutrition and marketing.

Career opportunities can also be very diverse including sports journalism, marketing, performance analyst, dietician, broadcasting and fitness professionals.

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