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Liverpool Physics Olympics 2016 report

St Peter's 13-18

Liverpool Physics Olympics 2016 report

St Peter’s Pupils Claim Physics Victory

Physics Olympics, Liverpool 2016
Two teams of four of our upper sixth physicists have taken part in the Liverpool University Physics Olympics Competition, which this year was celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The teams competed against a total of 35 schools from across the North of England in six separate challenges throughout the day. These included determining the density of a 'fly' by timing its descent through a viscous liquid, releasing a car from a sloping track at the right height for the car to jump a gap and land on a target and communicating by code the identity of four elements between one pair of team members and the second pair of team members with only an empty can of pringles crisps to work with. The teams also had to find the area within the outer perimeter of a symbol suspended high on the side of a building and identify five absorption lines in the spectrum of a star. Both of our teams came first equal in one of the games, but it was team Barkla that also went on to come out on top in the Fermi Quiz and amass enough points to make them the overall winners of the competition. The Fermi Quiz had a theme of silver with one of the questions being: What is the potential energy due to the electrostatic repulsion between all of the protons in a silver nucleus? The winning team consisted of Daniel Kondratiev, Cecilia Duan, Sean Shao and Steven Jones and they are to be congratulated on this tremendous achievement in what was a very competitive field.

- David Morris

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