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Physics Olympics 2016

Physics Olympics, Liverpool 2016
The Liverpool Physics Olympics was a great event to attend, and I think that all the eight pupils, including myself, who represented our school had a very enjoyable day. On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Mr Morris for all the effort he put into taking us there.

On the day, we met quite early in the morning when it was still dark and chilly to take the two-hour bus journey to Liverpool. After a sleepy start, we began looking at previous years’ Fermi quizzes, trying to cram in as many useful facts as we could in the time left: the average atomic radius, planet distances, and even equations we have not studied yet. Some of these were crucial to the questions we got! During the time we had before the scheduled start, we visited the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral – an immense and fascinating piece of architecture!

The Olympics took place at the University of Liverpool. There was a total of five events to complete alongside a Fermi quiz, where we had to estimate the order of magnitude of various physical quantities. Some events were slightly more straightforward, but they all required intensive collective thinking from the whole team due to very limited time and resources. The pressure was high, as we had hardly any time to rest between the challenges. During lunch, we were rushing to complete the Fermi quiz, cross-checking each answer multiple times.

Finally, it was time the awarding ceremony. The air was filled with anticipation and nervousness. However, it was over soon with all the winners announced. Our team was proud to achieve the first place in the whole event, although it was a great surprise at the time. Returning to York, we were all tired after such a full day. Although Mr Morris objected to the idea of celebrating by drinking champagne from the cup we won, we all had a pleasant meal to conclude the experience.

- Daniel Kondratiev