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Physics Olympics 2012

St Peter's 13-18

Physics Olympics 2012


Pupils from over thirty schools across the North of England tested their Physics mettle yesterday in the annual St Peter’s Physics Olympics.

The event, now in its sixth year, aims to pitch the best young physicists from the region against each other in a series of challenging scientific puzzles. These range from constructing rockets to building stable towers...from paper.

The pupils, all in Year 8 (aged 12 and 13), had to work as a team to complete the tasks, and they were introduced to some new and challenging physics ideas along the way.

David Morris, Head of Physics at St Peter’s and organiser of the event, said:  “The competition has been running for six years and continues to grow, with 33 teams coming from as far afield as Chester, Nottingham and Newcastle. The pupils had a really fun day, and in true Olympic spirit, there was also an element of competition.

“We really enjoyed meeting pupils and staff from schools across the region.”

Here is a run down of the top ten:

Position      School                                      Team
Gold            Bolton School                          Galileo
Silver           St Olave’s                                 Volta
Bronze         Rossett School                        Planck
4th               King’s School Chester            Lawrence
5th               Royal Grammar, Newcastle   Hawking
6th               Nottingham High School       Archimedes
7th               Yarm School                             Hubble
8th               Minster School                         Millikan
9th               Queen Ethelburga’s                Einstein
10th              Fulford School                         Ohm