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Independent-State School Partnership

St Peter's is proud to be part of York Independent State School Partnership.

The partnership, involving a number of independent and state sector schools from York, was started in 2007 as a way of providing new opportunities for secondary-school aged children in the city.

By bringing together teachers and pupils from across the city, the partnership also aims to bring together the schools of York for the children of York, harnessing excellent teachers from across the city, sharing good practice and new ideas and in doing so foster new friendships and viewpoints.

St Peter’s involvement includes:

  • Hosting and delivering masterclasses with colleagues from across the schools of York. These take place in March of each year in subjects including art, psychology, history and music composition. The theme for the 2019 masterclasses was ‘What is human?’ and 160 children in Years 7 and 8 and 90 in Years 9 and 10 took part.
  • Delivering Latin GCSE classes to pupils, whose own schools do not offer tuition in this subject. The programme has been extremely successful to date, with attendees securing excellet grades in Latin.
  • Delivering GCSE Astronomy classes to pupils from across the city
  • Participating in summer and autumn residential courses where pupils work on an extended curriculum to stretch their knowledge, thinking and skills.
  • Collaborating with teachers from other partnership schools, for example on the teaching of Mathematics.
  • Participating in the Summer School, offering lectures on topics pupils will not have covered at school, such as 'myths and machines' and 'how the body works'.
  • Hosting and participating in the annual Autumn Breakthrough event for Year 7 pupils, which sees teachers compete for pupil votes as they put forwards arguments as to the biggest breakthrough in humankind's history

York ISSP is supported by the University of York, York Minster, Merchant Adventurers, York Art Gallery and Science City York, all of which have offered facilities and staff to create opportunities for education and experience to the school pupils of the city.

Please visit the ISSP website to find out more about the courses and opportunities on offer to St Peter’s pupils this academic year.

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