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House Parents: Hugo and Hazel Battersby

St Peter's 13-18

House Parents: Hugo and Hazel Battersby

Linton House, one of two boys' boarding houses at St Peter's, welcomed in a new House Parent at the start of the academic year 2018-9.

Hugo Battersby, Business Studies teacher and Head of Wellbeing at St Peter’s school is not new to the house and certainly not new to boarding. Since 2016 Hugo has been a non-resident tutor at Linton. Prior to that he was assistant House Master at Fettes College, Edinburgh. In fact his very first job after graduating from York University was as a graduate resident tutor in Linton.

On what it feels like to take stewardship of a long-established boarding house as well as the care of 40 boys aged 13 to 18, Hugo says:

“Carrying on tradition is important to me. But I’d like to overturn the perception the boarding is old-school.  We stimulate a supportive environment.

“There’s a huge range of boys in Linton, involved in all the key pillars of the school – sports, drama, music, academics. We have rugby players and cricketers, lots of boys from the UK but also some from overseas. There’s huge solidarity.

As a father to two young boys attending St Peter’s, who live with Hugo and his wife in Linton, Hugo is keen that his own children are a real part of the house.

“The boarders do like spending time with my sons Theo and Magnus. They read them stories, play table tennis with them, play computer games with them or watch cartoons. It definitely helps the house to feel like a home and encourages a sense of family. After a tough day in the labs or on the pitch, I think the boys enjoy it.”

Hugo’s wife, Hazel, is an art teacher at the School and was an assistant house mistress at Fettes. She says:

“It’s very fulfilling. We’ve long wanted to live and work as a family as part of Linton. I know the boys are proud Lintonites, and we are equally as proud to be part of the house.”