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Boarding in Focus: Tamsin and Cressie

St Peter's 13-18

Boarding in Focus: Tamsin and Cressie

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Sixth Form boarding is an increasingly popular choice, with both parents and children recognising the ‘bridge’ it gives between school and university, and the social and academic advantages for young people who choose to make the most of the freedoms and responsibilities Sixth Form offers.

Tamsin and Cressie both joined St Peter’s at the beginning of Year 12 (Lower Sixth). Despite the fact that both girls’ parents live locally, and both could have attended as day pupils, they’re very clear as to their reasons for choosing boarding.

“I wanted to prepare for uni and this gives you more independence,” Tamsin, whos’s taking biology, Geography and Business A-levels, says. “I chose the school before I decided to board. It was what I wanted to do: I like to be myself, and I can here.”

Both girls had done “bits and bobs” of boarding at other schools, before joining The Rise at St Peter’s in Lower Sixth for full boarding. It’s a system that allows for a full immersion in the School community and extensive co-curricular activities for a stretch of five orsix weeks, before relaxed holidays with their families.

“We’ve been revising biology all day,” Cressie explains, “and now we’re sunbathing before we go in for dinner.”

“People think if you board you don’t do any work, because you’re hanging out with your friends,” Tamsin says, “but it’s completely the opposite.”

“You get more done,” Cressie agrees. “I work harder here than I do at home. And when I do go home I can just completely relax.”

The highlight of the week? Sunday brunch and being able to go to the gym whenever you want, both girls agree.

What was it about St Peter’s that made it their first choice?

“It just clicked,” Cressie says.

Tamsin – like many St Peter’s boarders the first in her family to board – agrees that after her first visit, “I fell in love.”