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Getting started in boarding: Kingsley

St Peter's 13-18

Getting started in boarding: Kingsley

Kingsley, Third Form at Linton
For those who begin boarding in the Third Form, becoming fully immersed in life at St Peter’s from the word ‘go’ means that there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and settle in.

Kingsley is just coming to the end of his first year boarding in Linton, and has taken some time to reflect on a year that has defied his expectations and set him up for some exciting years ahead.

“I’ve never really lived with people I didn’t know before, so I was a bit nervous about that to begin with, especially living with people in the older years”, says Kingsley, echoing the concerns of many pupils who are looking ahead to their first experience of boarding.  But it didn’t take long for Kingsley to settle in amongst his new housemates, the seniors included.  “I’ve found that the older pupils are really good at looking after the younger ones – it’s like a big family.”

Now, with that first year drawing to a close, Kingsley says the highlight is being part not just part of the Linton House family, but the wider School community. “The best part of the year was probably the boarders’ barbeque,” concludes Kingsley. “It was great to have the whole boarding community together.”

Watch the below video to see what advice our current boarders have on making the most of your first few weeks at St Peter's.