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Bronze Award - 2015 info

St Peter's 13-18

Bronze Award - 2015 info

This page contains useful information for the 2015 Bronze Award.  

Practice expeditions will take place on 28-29 May for Group 1, and 30-31 May for Group 2.

Qualifying expeditions will take place on 21-22 June for Group 1, and 23-24 June for Group 2.

Over 80 pupils in the Fourth Form are taking part in this year’s Bronze Award.  The pupils have been informed which group they’re in - please note that if they’re in Group I for the Practice, it may not follow that they will be in Group I for the Qualifying, though they will be in the same teams.

In order to prepare for the Practice expeditions we have arranged for Adventure Training to run two school based intensive afternoon/evening sessions.  These will take place on 5 May and 15 May. Both sessions run from 4.00pm to 7.00pm. Pupils will be given refreshments during the session and boarders will have tea at 7.00pm, before going into prep.

At the training sessions pupils will take an active role in planning their expeditions. 

Whilst Adventure Training will run the expeditions, St Peter’s staff will accompany the expeditions.

Kit lists can be found below.  It is worth emphasising that the School provides tents, rucksacks, stoves and sleeping bags. Kit will checked by the D of E staff prior to departure.

Expedition Kit List

Menu Card

Route Card

Bronze Assessment - route planning guide

Accident and Emergency Procedure Sheet

Map Skills required for Expedition Work

Practice Expedition Group Timings

Expedition log