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Literary Society

St Peter's 13-18

Literary Society

StPeters25thJune 114St Peter's Literary Society is open to all year groups – and indeed they have all been represented in the two terms it has been running.

The aim of the society is to allow pupils to chat together and explore what interests them most about the world of literature. We meet, essentially, to talk about books but there is, as always, deviation from this.

As an example, we started a recent session by discussing whether people should learn poems by heart; we watched a journalist from The Guardian undertake an excruciating attempt to learn some Blake (and fail). We then discussed the whys and wherefores of Kindles vs paper books, second hand vs new and dedications in the front of books.

There is a rota, so each pupil starts a session off on a competition, review, recommendation or observation. We often talk about books into films; we also attend screenings.

We post twitterfiction (140 character stories) on Twitter and have taken part in a national ‘Twelve Words of Winter’ competition run by the librarian. We’ve worked together with the school’s Booker prize event and Keystone magazine, with a splinter group of writers producing a radio play for Radio 627.