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St Peter's 13-18

Slam Poetry

A selection of slam poetry from our 3rd Form English pupils...

P E R F E C T 

P goes to pressure put on young girls swimming in attempt to float but only to find out unless you’re ‘perfect’ you sink. Every time they rise up for air, being told to go back down, stop that frown, don’t clown around. Boys don’t like that.

E for endless – if a tear rolls down your face, your perfection has just hit reset. Back on zero work your way back up without eating or breathing cause it may hurt someone’s feelings. 

R is your reputation, don’t be frigid or hide your curves under those baggy clothes but as soon as you show your skin those same people who called them curves now say imperfections. “Put some more clothes on you’re basically naked”, the clock ticks from frigid to whore in the plus and minus we hear in maths but of material. 

F are your friends; you can never have enough. But does the F in friends stand for fake or faithful? Girls learn drama in school but the only thing they take away from that, is how to fool a girl into thinking you’re their friend until you’ve got a biography to bring them down, to increase your social status and lower your social standards

E stands for expense, too much money you’re a snob but not enough you’re poor. Why can’t we open that door, show there’s no flaw to either

C is for can’t, can’t live up to this expectation, have my own aspiration because your accusation is backed up by combinations of my words but my explanations are getting me to no destinations due to the limitation in education of our population

T is trust, if you have trust for anyone, you’re one of the lucky ones. Teenage boys and girls breaking our hearts and our chains of trust but forgetting a chain can’t just click back together with the word sorry. 

Perfect – I want to be perfect.

(Grace de Planta de Wildenberg)

This is now a global pandemic

The words that changed it all
You can’t go outside
You can’t socialise 
2m apart at all times
The virus that is sweeping the world
Governments are trying to get it under control
Nowhere is protected
Hundreds of thousands of people getting infected 
Everyone is trapped inside
But what can we do but take it in our stride
Coronavirus is the mysterious disease
Eat, sleep stay indoors and repeat
Watch your hygiene they say
Wash your hands 15 times a day 
An illness separating nations
No more vacations
Job loss after job loss
There’s nothing you can do but watch the news
People have different views
But one thing's for sure 
This is now a global pandemic and we must stay indoors.

(Indy Phillips)

Climate change 

Climate change, a good place to start 
would be science, of course. 
It’s a reliable source. 
The coal we are burning is 
burning our world, 
the oil we are burning is 
burning our world, 
everything we are burning is 
burning our world. 
We need natural ways of doing this. 
We need wind and water 
to keep us warmer 
without hurting the atmosphere 
for the sake of our sons and daughters. 
Pollution rises, temperature rises, water rises. 
Ice falling, trees falling, people falling 
at the task of global warming. 
And you, you haven’t really played your part 
until your lifestyle reflects a change of heart. 
Planting trees, planting food, planting your ideas 
to help change the world for good. 
Let’s help protect the ozone layer. 
This is a global feat, 
that we all need to play our part to defeat.

(Harry Green)

10 things I know to be true

10 things I know to be true, well, for one, the Earth is round,
And I cannot fly, I have two feet firmly planted on the ground.
With this being said,
How am I supposed to reach the stars, 
When every time I reach out, I am dragged back to reality,
Overwhelmed by the noise of the cars.
I try to speak out,
But my voice is drowned by the doubt.
Sometimes I feel slightly depressed and disturbingly awkward,
I seem too afraid to do anything, but that makes me look like a coward.
So I keep trying to reach up and up and up,
But I just slip up, mess up, screw up.
I feel that I’m never going to succeed,
And in doing so, failure is guaranteed. 
It isn’t even like the stars are just out of my grasp,
They are so unobtainable, it sometimes makes me gasp.
How I thought something so faultless could someday be mine, 
Just makes me… CRINGE
At how worthless I am,
It leaves me wordless,
Urgh, it makes me shiver to think how I am looking down upon myself just like people looked down upon me before.
Maybe they wanted to reach the stars too,
And then,
They were just hurled back to the real world. 

But, the doubt drowning out my voice,
Is my demon making me rethink my choice.
She wants to drag me down, back to hell,
To all the others who seemed to give up and give in as they fell,
All the way, down, down, down,
Where they can no longer see the stars, they just silently drown,
Without realising that parts of them are dying inside,
They settled, they picked the easy route, they hardly even tried,
But I shall not abide by her command,
I will swim away, until I find land.
And when my feet are once again firmly planted on the ground,
I will run and jump and stretch up up up,
Until I feel my fingers curl around the star,
That I have found.

(Meriel Norbury)

I am not black

I am not black, but I see your pain. 
I am not black, but I hear your cries of prejudiced black strain. 
I am not black, but I will fight for the end of the racist reign. 
White privilege is real, just as much as your next meal. 
White privilege is killing an innocent black man who was repeating 
I can’t breathe twelve times 
whilst arresting white criminals peacefully 
despite their atrocious crimes. 
White privilege is learning European languages in school 
and neglecting to understand the cultures of African schools. 
Martin Luther King Jr aspired for a world 
in which the colour of your skin would not matter, 
do you think he would be proud of this world 
nearly 60 years later? 
Rosa Parks, often called ‘the mother of the civil rights movement,' 
would probably still be protesting in the streets today 
for more civil rights of black HUMANS. 
All lives matter is blatantly ignorant, 
like firefighters putting out a smouldering fire 
burning your house down 
and someone coming along saying 
does my house not matter too? 
I am not saying your life does not matter, 
I am shining light on a history of being treated like
violent attackers. 
Black ancestors have gone through 
centuries of enslavement, 
white transgression, and preconception; 
they are not liars, they are survivors,
all they have endured and thrived from.
One day I hope to stand in unity. 
One day I wish to achieve justice for black people, 
and not have to use the word black and just 
describe them as beautiful, strong people. 
One day I wish for colour and race 
to have no effect on your view of an incredible person; 
those who were treated unjustly
rest in power 
whilst we carry out their wishes louder. 
We WILL gain justice
and black lives matter 
shall be imprinted in our memories 
till the end of time 
and the day we accomplish this, 
will be the human race’s prime

(Rithi Vasireddy)