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St Peter's Welcomes Speaker to Discuss Dyspraxia

St Peter's 13-18

St Peter's Welcomes Speaker to Discuss Dyspraxia


Pupils at St Peter’s were delighted to welcome Caron Downes to speak in their assembly today, who spoke about her experience with dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is a complex neurological condition, which affects muscle co-ordination and perception, that affects roughly 5% of the UK population.

Throughout Caron’s life, common everyday tasks have been affected by her dyspraxia. She has, however, overcome these difficulties by finding ways ways to adapt or by coming up with specific approaches to tasks which help make her every day life easier. She does these things as a matter of course, and many of the people shes works with may not have even realised she has dyspraxia.

The pastoral care at St Peter’s is designed to share these values of endurance and humility, while ensuring that everybody feels happy, safe and a valued member of the school community. The house system encourages pupils to support and co-operate with each other, building enduring relationships that last throughout their time at the school and beyond. This is solidified through the Chapel, which forms the heart of the school community, with children coming together to worship three times a week.

The message Caron asked pupils to take away with them from the assembly: “Work with your limitations. There is no magic wand, no one can come along and make you spell better or read faster instantly, but there are things you can do, it may take hard work and perseverance, but you can always find ways to adapt. Your differences will be with you for life, but they don’t have to hold you back.”