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Professor Keith Ward

St Peter's 13-18

Professor Keith Ward

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We welcomed back renowned theologian Professor Keith Ward to our public lectures to explore the topic of the cosmic Christ and whether we should send missionaries to the stars.

He came again the following morning to talk with Upper and Lower Sixth pupils who study Theology and Philosophy. Mr Benbridge said “Professor Keith Ward is the world’s leading Idealist philosopher. Pupils had an amazing opportunity to listen to him talking about John Polkinghorne and John Hick. In fact, most of the modern philosophers who are mentioned on their Sixth Form syllabus were ones that he knew personally and about whom he could offer first hand insight.”

Pupils also had a rare opportunity to ask the philosopher a wide range of questions on topics of their choice to help them with their studies. Ward says “I am interested in intellectual problems, in arguments and theories” – he certainly experienced this with our Sixth Formers. Most pupils attended last night’s lecture so had a night to calculate what questions they wanted answering the following day. This led to captivating conversations and debate.