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Pupil’s go on a Magical Adventure into Narnia.

St Peter's 13-18

Pupil’s go on a Magical Adventure into Narnia.

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For three nights the children at St Peter’s escaped their ordinary lives into a world of adventure and imagination in this year’s Christmas term production: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The show boasted incredible acting, phenomenal costumes and magical Christmas scenery produced as the result of hours of planning and hard work by our pupil backstage team.

Pupils stepped through the enchanted wardrobe to meet with talking animals and battle the Evil Witch in the land of Narnia – a world of imagination, where adventures, Christian values, and true friendship flourish. However, pupils had already shown these key values in their months of rehearsals at weekends and in the evenings leading up to the three big nights. The cast and team of pupils working backstage delivered a moving, triumphant production in which the world in the wardrobe became a very real place where fears could be confronted and destroyed. The powerful WW2 setting served to sharpen the sense of jeopardy and the very real conflict between good and evil that is at the heart of the book.

The production revelled also in the spirit of Christmas with attendees enjoying a visit from Father Christmas gifting candy canes and Turkish delight.

Well done to everyone who made the extraordinary production so captivating. The dedication and hard work that went into this truly magical show, as well as the year-round work of our Drama and English departments in encouraging a love of reading, performing and teamwork, paid off.