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Lights, Camera, Action!

St Peter's 13-18

Lights, Camera, Action!


Lights Camera Action took the audience on a journey of discovery in science, through a huge number of demonstrations and experiments and illustrations. The Chemistry department started the show, beginning with the origin of light and colour. Linking the oxidation states of Vanadium to their coloured solutions, Mr Smith and Mr Husband made multi coloured baubles for their Christmas chemis-tree, as well as producing some mesmerising multi-coloured flames.

From the physics department we found out about the science behind how we perceive colour and this was linked to the advent of Technicolor in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Mr Cannon re-enacted the Pepper’s ghost illusion, as well as levitation and invisibility, before explaining that they can all be achieved by physics, of course.

Biology and physics combined to uncover some good, bad and ugly science, as depicted in some of the department’s favourite movies. Laser beams, light-sabers, dinosaurs, Godzilla and mutated sharks, were all under the microscope in this section.

Although in the main, the lecture concentrated on the visual experience, Mr Bateman finished the event with quiz to honour the art of the Foley Artists, who produce sound-effects in movies.

Colleagues in the science department have spent the past year thinking about what to present to everybody in the Christmas lecture. The final lecture took several weeks to put together with a huge amount of work from out science technicians team. The annual Christmas lecture is presented during the final week of the term, both to all of the pupils at St Peter’s and as a free public lecture. As the Head of Science Outreach, I thank and congratulate all of my dedicated science colleagues for putting on a terrific show this year. Many thanks also go to the visiting public who came to St Peter’s on Tuesday to support the event and enjoy an evening of science.