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Alex Wilson: Gravity Lecture.

St Peter's 13-18

Alex Wilson: Gravity Lecture.

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The Easter term public lecture series at St Peter’s School, York, was given a flying start this week as the school welcomed Jet Suit pilot and engineer Alex Wilson, from Gravity Industries.

Alex described the iterative design and the testing path that led to the current fully 3D printed Gravity Jet Suit, named one of TIME’s best inventions of 2018. The Jet Suit’s 1,050 horsepower system relies on five mini jet engines to achieve vertical flight and can reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour and altitudes of 12,000 feet.

Gravity Industries, founded in 2017 by British Inventor Richard Browning, has grown from humble beginnings into a multi-million dollar organisation whose influence spans the globe. The Gravity Jet Suit, also referred to as the ‘Iron Man’ suit, has gained international recognition and the team have toured the world since it was launched two years ago.

Alex Wilson, who regularly uses the suit, explained ‘The experience of flying is quite serene and calm, like being in the eye of a storm. It feels like floating on a pillow, which doesn’t sound very ‘iron man’ at all!’

Andy Parr, Head of Science Outreach at St Peter’s School, said: ‘The dream of defying gravity has captivated scientists for centuries and the Gravity Jet Suit has helped to make this dream a reality. Gravity Industries is a truly exciting and cutting edge organisation and it was a privilege to welcome Alex Wilson for this special talk.’

The lecture, supported by the Institute of Physics, was the first of two free science events hosted by St Peter’s School this term, and will be followed by the school’s annual Stargazing Live event on Wednesday 5 February.

Stargazing Live will include a Planetarium Dome, hands-on experiments, exhibitors and a lecture as well as the opportunity to look through telescopes with the York Astronomical Society.

Free tickets for Stargazing Live are available from