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Coronavirus Time Capsule

St Peter's 13-18

Coronavirus Time Capsule

Time Capsule

A group of pupils from St Peter’s School, York, are creating a time capsule to record their experiences during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Working remotely with the theatre group, Company Three, the group of 12 pupils aged 13-18 from St Peter’s will join groups from all over the world to create a cumulative video time capsule. A different recording will be produced weekly, from Friday 1 May onwards, and each week will have a different theme.  

They meet virtually every Wednesday to plan and share ideas, before editing and uploading their material to the Company Three website. Reflections can include video, song, poetry, animation, dance, monologue, and any other creative mediums that the pupils would like to explore.  

Led by the Drama department, the project has brought together performers and non-performers, including drama pupils and others who enjoy film editing, animation and technology.  

Ms Veasey, Drama Teacher at St Peter’s, who is co-ordinating the project, said: “This term our pupils are unable to perform as usual, and the project offers a great opportunity for them to be creative and express their thoughts. Amongst the joy of our collaborative sessions, it is also incredibly moving to hear how the pupils and their families have reacted to the pandemic.” 

Fifth Form pupil Percy said: “I initially thought that it would be an interesting way to pass the time during lockdown but it’s become a unique experience for us to look back on.” 

Mr Walker, Head Master at St Peter's School, York, said: 'Congratulations to our creative and talented pupils on their engagement with this contemporary time capsule.  Capturing their experiences and voice now will lead to a fascinating record for future generations to understand what this time was like and I very much look forward to seeing how the project develops.'

Watch the videos here...