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Lending a Hand

St Peter's 13-18

Lending a Hand

Lending a Hand

Our 3rd form art pupils have responded to the current lockdown by creating these poignant sketches of their own hands as part of this term’s art project, ‘Lending a Hand’. 

The Art Department are trying to deliver a meaningful Art Curriculum this term, despite the limitations created by the ‘remote’ nature of learning.  

‘Lending a hand’ has given our 3rd form art pupils the opportunity to study a subject close to home, with basic drawing materials including pencil, pen and charcoal. The results are simple but effective, reflecting the powerful symbolism of hands, whether empty, clenched or reaching out, and their ability to convey emotions. 

Mrs Chisholm said: ‘The year 9 students have been looking at imagery that communicates the idea of ‘community’ and mutual support. This selection of drawings under the banner ‘Lending a Hand’ were inspired by the drawings of Yorkshire artist Henry Moore and are intended as a gesture of goodwill whilst also developing their drawing skills.’