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St Peter's Time Capsule Goes Global

St Peter's 13-18

St Peter's Time Capsule Goes Global

Maddy Hill

Two of the Coronavirus Time Capsule Team represented the school at a Zoom conference of over 90 young people from across the globe last month.

Company Three, the company who are co-ordinating the Time Capsule project, organised the Zoom session for the young people as a practical workshop and chance to share ideas. The session was attended by Maddy Hill and Maggie Hutchings, who represented the St Peter's School Coronavirus Time Capsule Team. 

During the Zoom call, the artistic director of Company Three Theatre, Ned Glasier, announced that he had received a call from the United Nations commending the project as an excellent opportunity for giving young people a voice during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Maddy Hill said: "I found the group activities a fun and engaging way to get to know people who are also doing the time capsule from all over the world. The first activity we did was learning a dance with everyone and you had to make up your own move at the end. When we went into breakout groups we really got to know others and how they were tackling each video and we had to show each other the view from our windows. One of the highlights of this time was when we had to draw someone without looking at our paper or lifting our pen. It was really fun seeing who drew who and trying to guess the identity of the drawing."

Maggie Hutchings said: "It was brilliant to see everyone and learn a bit about them. We participated in various activities and learned that the coronavirus time capsule had been seen and praised by the United Nations! It’s amazing to see that they acknowledged us and commended our videos!"

The fifth Time Capsule video entitled 'Lockdown Learning and Food Food Food' will be released on Friday 12 June.

You can watch all the Time Capsule videos here.