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Mini Literature Festival

St Peter's 13-18

Mini Literature Festival


The St Peter's School English Department and Library launched a Mini Literature Festival this week, inspired by the themes of 'community' and 'friendship'. 

All pupils, across the school - and all departments - have been invited to take part in a number of virtual activities including a literary inspired escape room, creative writing tasks and. You can get involved here.

Click here to read the library's collection of #StPetersTogether top 100 books. Take a look at St Peter's community and friendship in fiction.

To mark the event and to celebrate the theme, staff and pupils (old and new) were also asked to contribute to creating a short video celebrating ‘St Peter’s Together’ - where all read poems inspired by friendship, support and community: Because, as John Donne himself said ‘No man is an island’ - and what we have celebrated above anything else this year (and this term especially) is the value of support and the strength of the St Peter’s community.

Ella Mallard, Head of English, said: "These past few months have been a challenge in so many ways and yet there have also been numerous moments of real brightness, fun and unity. Therefore our mini literature festival was created to celebrate this through our theme of ‘community and friendship’. What better place to find visions of support and society than through the wonderful world of literature. And what better place to celebrate them than at the heart of our school community - with our incredible staff and pupils."

Jeremy Walker, Head Master, said: "Well done to all who took part in the Mini Literature Festival and thank you to the English Department and Library staff who made it all happen. Peterites are a creative crowd and it was wonderful to see pupils, former pupils and colleagues taking part. Our community has never been stronger than in the last few months and I have hugely enjoyed being involved in this project."

Thank you to all the wonderful staff and pupils from the St Peter's School community who contributed to this video.