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St Peter’s School CCF Battles Against the Odds

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St Peter’s School CCF Battles Against the Odds

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St Peter’s School Combined Cadet Force (CCF) have battled against the odds this term to ensure that their newest recruits can celebrate their passing out parade.

Despite being away from school from the end of March until September, the CCF remained connected over the summer. Staff shared information about activities taking place across the wider CCF network and encouraged pupils to stay in contact virtually.

Since returning to school last month they have trained weekly, with activities including drill and weapon handling.

Following a successful training schedule, the newest five recruits received their berets on Tuesday 13 October with a special passing out parade at school. Promotions to Lance Corporal were awarded to Ella Roebuck and Lucas Winn, with Lucas being named ‘Best Recruit’.

The parade would have traditionally been held in the summer after their final exercise, but the recruits were unable to finish their training earlier in the year due to lockdown restrictions.

The recruits join a team of 22 cadets at St Peter’s School in the Fifth and Sixth Form, and they will be joined by Fourth Form pupils who will be begin their basic training after half term.

This term also sees the new appointment of Captain Sal Sleigh as Contingent Commander. Sal served as a Regular Army Officer prior to joining the school and is the first ever female Contingent Commander in the history of St Peter’s School CCF.

Lance Corporal Ella Roebuck said: “I love CCF because it is completely different to other co-curricular activities. Through CCF I have developed important teamwork skills and made new friends. I really missed drill over the summer, so it has been great to get back to training this term.”

Captain Sal Sleigh said: "It is wonderful to see the recruits celebrating the end of their basic training after a challenging year. Despite a gap in training, they have retained their knowledge of complex skills such as weapon handling and we are extremely proud of everything they have achieved.”

Jeremy Walker, Head Master of St Peter’s School, said: “It is remarkable how many life skills are developed during CCF training, from problem-solving and creativity to resilience and leadership skills. I am confident that our new recruits will thrive as they continue their education at St Peter’s and in later life. Congratulations to them all.”