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Lower Sixth Take on the Ritangle Competition

St Peter's 13-18

Lower Sixth Take on the Ritangle Competition

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In October 2020, a group of Lower Sixth pupils entered the annual Ritangle competition, hosted by Integral Maths. Ben, Hugo, Theo, Josh and Wilf successfully completed all preliminary rounds in October and worked throughout November and December to successfully complete 24 challenging maths problems.

“These questions required excellent problem-solving skills, as well as efficient use of technology. The last stage of the final question proved particularly challenging, with the time pressure on to be the first to crack it and win the entire event. Sadly, they did not quite make it, but got an honourable mention on the Integral website, which meant they made it to the top 5% of all teams entering! This has been the best achievement by a St Peter's team in this event." - Mr Rohlfing

"The Ritangle was a great experience, and so much problem solving was covered in the competition: from acrostics to ratios. It was a truly incredible opportunity and excellent collaboration from our team helped us to crack some very hard questions. We encourage others to try this team building, and most importantly, fun competition." - Ben, Hugo, Theo, Josh and Wilf.